Classic Blue and Turquoise patterned decor and gift items

Turquoise and blue patterned home decor and gift products
Classic Blue and Turquoise home decor

Home decor designed with patterns using Classic Blue and Turquoise

Classic Blue and Turquoise patterned decor and gift items. Gorgeous paint splatter shades of blue designed throw pillows, drink coasters and bath accessories. Inspired by colors of water around the Caribbean Islands.

Solid colors used to create patterns are in their own categories. Many customers prefer to mix patterns with a matching solid color. I’ve made this super easy for them in my online shop Blue Art Category.

Patterned home decor and gifts with matching solid colors

Pictured is a stylish favor box with a cute white ribbon and round blue and turquoise patterned decor drink coasters. The drink coasters perfectly match the table cloth. Additional kitchen accessories like kitchen towels and place mats level up anyone’s kitchen decor.

Bath Decor accessories

Shower curtains, toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, bath mat and towels. Decorate with one pattern, mix and match with prints and solid colors. Choose just solid colors. All available in my online store!

Tip: fabric shower curtains are excellent as window curtains in children’s rooms or dorm rooms. Easy to hang with curtain hooks and simple to take down to wash, dry and hang back up.

Match the curtains with a bedspread or duvet. Add pillows. Use a plush bath mat next to the bed. Many options, lots of uses found in my Zazzle shops.

Speaking of bed, isn’t this a beautiful comforter? It’s in my Society6 shop

And for those who love black pattern furniture – Turquoise, Teal and Black Abstract counter stool found in my Society6 shop!

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