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Photographic Art designs of gifts and home decor by Celeste of Khoncepts.com

Photographic Art designs of gifts and home decor by Celeste of Khoncepts.com includes; travel memories, souvenir magnets, postcards and even on home decor items.  Celeste takes a photograph on her iPad, she transforms into art using a variety of iPad app filters.

Favorite app filter effects are watercolors, fun comic overlays and distressed looks. Using art apps on a photograph is a cool way to give customers choices to hang a series of the same image in different ways.

Examples of an art series from a photograph:

  • the original photo
  • photo with a watercolor effect
  • the same photo with a comic effect
  • the original image in black and white

Incorporating colors separated out from her photos into colorful conversational designed graphic art fashion wear for him, her or baby is her specialty. Celeste singles out several specific solid colors from each image. The matching solid colors are turned into home and bath decor and fashion wear.

Easy one stop shopping experience

Customers from Australia to The United Kingdom appreciate that she provides a one stop shop experience. Many print categories features checkers and stripes patterns along with the matching solid hues. She does all the work eliminating the need of spending hours trying to find the exact color. Visit her pillow selections. It’s a great preview example to the rest of her shop.

Countries where her clients live

Celeste opened her first two shops in 2005. Below are all of the amazing countries where her sales have originated from. She’s visited nine of these countries and hopes to add the others to her travel portfolio.

Clients’ countries for point of sales:

  • Australia / Austria / Brazil / Bulgaria
  • Canada / Croatia / Denmark / Finland / France/
  • Guadeloupe / Germany / Greece/
  • Hungary / Ireland / Italy / Japan/
  • Luxembourg / Mexico / Netherlands/
  • New Zealand / Norway / Poland / Portugal/
  • Romania / Spain / Sweden / Switzerland/
  • Thailand / Turkey / United Kingdom

Family inspiration

Celeste loves being a Mother, Grandmother, a Great Grandma, a cancer survivor, traveler and a creator of photo-graphic art designs.

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