The Story of a Photographer and Designer

My Dad passed the love of photography to me when my parents gifted me a camera in 1968 when I was 13 years old. My Dad had me spend hours looking through the viewfinder using different angles and lighting. He explained that buying and developing film cost money so he encouraged me to practice handling the camera. Two years later I was officially known as the family photographer.

Fast forward to 1998 when I officially started videotaping, photography and photo scanning services while being a 43 year old mother with a 2 year old son. Shopping with a toddler for Christmas items and cards was a bit discouraging and after not finding any that appealed to me, I decided to design holiday cards using a gorgeous photo of a red rose after a November snow storm.

The “Red Rose in Snow” Christmas greeting card was a huge favorite. They suggested I find a way to design and sell cards to customers. I began participating doing In-person art / craft shows for several years. I upgraded and in 2005 discovered my first online print on demand shop (POD) called Zazzle. Many years later and my top selling items continue to be postcards and greeting cards. Thank you!

Out of my six stores, my Zazzle shops continues to be my favorite online stores. The majority of my personal home décor and gift items I’ve designed and purchased for myself, as well as for, friends and family. The absolute best of both worlds.


When my youngest child turned 13 he began doodling and drawing . We had fun collaborating using his sketches of skulls to create a design template. I posted it in my shop onto may gift products. The necktie continues to be a best seller, especially to clients in the United Kingdom.

Everyday photographs transformed into abstract art is fun. An example; this comic art image shown below. One was accepted by a stock photography agency and is available for sale on Alamy!

Model released selfie photos for royalty free stock photography
When the model is me!

Contact me by sending your favorite color combinations or photos to create gift items for you.

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