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Barbados inspired home decor colors

Barbados inspired home decor – patterns and solid colors

Home decor patterns and prints inspired by a Barbados beach photograph. The image captures the gorgeous colors of nature found in Barbados such as the ocean the beach and the sky. Expanding travel memories using home decor I was fortunate to be able to enjoy a one day visit to Barbados via a cruise ship…
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Society6 print on demand seller sales

Society6 Store Summary Sales Smiles – May to July 2020

Sharing May, June and July Society6 store sales summary purchases from customers who like to shop on I decided to open this shop on October 6, 2013, naming it I was redesigning a guest bedroom and wanted to create a duvet cover with a matching rug and curtains to match the brown wood…
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Afrocentric home decor and gifts for him or her

Afrocentric home decor and gifts designed with vivid colors of red, yellow, black and green are amazing. Four primary colors and five featured designs using bold Black cultural colors. Wine charms are cute, classy and brand new to me until I started designing them. 🙂 For those of you who are raising your hand with…
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a small online graphic business owner sending out her monthly thank you blog post

Artwork sold in July 2020 – Sales Summary Smiles

Hi, I’m a small business owner/artist who appreciates everyone that has shown support to me and other artists. You’ve visited our online shops and chosen to purchase artwork sold in July 2020. Customer purchases from my Zazzle shops! 🙂 Rainbow Pastel Stripes iPhone Case – New York Sint Maarten – Saint Martin magnet – Germany…
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Multi color stained glass art

Ecuadorian Stain Glass Designs – home decor art

‘Ecuadorian Stain Glass‘  designs is a vibrant, multi-color home decor art design using an art filter on my iPad. This image has multi-purpose uses: for fashion accessories gift wrapping products gift wrapping items and home decor like bath accessories featured in this image Opening the package and seeing how true to life the color of the…
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Shades of blue colors for home decor

Blue and Green decor – bubble art home accessories

Blue and Green art inspired pattern designs featuring twelve categories of blue polka dots, stripes and checkered home decor and gift products. Pattern Throw Pillows Throw pillows are an easy and affordable way to change the decor of your room. Have fun mixing and matching the exact shades of blue shown in different patterns. Matching…
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Pastel baby nursery colors

Pastel Spring Baby Decor for the nursery

Baby blankets Normally I work in bright colors. Today was a day to design pastel spring baby decor for the nursery day. I had infant twins in mind for this pastel pink, baby blue, pastel yellow and lavender checkered pattern. The back of the blanket option would be to change it to a solid color.…
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walking around town in Zihuatanejo, Mexico

Cruising to Zihuatanejo Mexico – Travel Tuesday

Sharing mobility cruise port tips on my recent visits to different countries is helpful to me too. Writing about these docking experiences may help future cruisers. Conversations with friends and family is now easier as I can refer to my blog posts. Cruising to Zihuatanejo, Mexico, in January 2020 had pleasant weather in the 70’s.…
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Pink Bougainvillea Flower Art

Hot Pink Bougainvillea Art inspired home decor and gifts

A beautiful floral picture of Hot Pink Bougainvillea against a yellow wall inspired art home decor and gift items in its own special category in my Zazzle shop. Hot Pink Bougainvillea art designs inspired by a photograph Visiting Curacao had been on my wish list for more than 8 years. Finally in February 2020 I…
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using a bandana as a fashion accessory

Multipurpose fashion accessory – Bandanas

Bandanas are wonderful multipurpose fashion accessory to design for me and my customers. I’ve ordered eight of my bandanas from my Zazzle shop. They look great around my neck. I’ve ordered several to hang up as wall art. Family members also wore them in the beginning of the pandemic. I’m wearing my Hot Pink and…
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Shore excursion tour of Santa Monica Pier

Touring Santa Monica Pier – Travel Tuesday

Touring Santa Monica Pier one sunny day in January was exciting. I purchased the five hour Beachfronts and Beverly Hills shore excursion ticket during my cruise on Norwegian Gem. We boarded the tour bus while docked in the Port of Los Angeles. The bus has several steps up to the seats. It also has a…
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Purple, Pink and Orange mandala art designs

Purple, Pink and Orange Mandala Art home decor

Imagine decorating your home, office or dorm room with these vibrant purple, pink and orange home decor items. Purple Mandala graphic art decor balanced with vibrant pink and bold orange. The first pattern, created in 2015 pictured below. Additional items with this tie dye pattern are here. Updating a pattern design State government ‘stay home’…
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Blue and Turquoise home decor

Classic Blue and Turquoise patterned decor and gift items

Home decor designed with patterns using Classic Blue and Turquoise Classic Blue and Turquoise patterned decor and gift items. Gorgeous paint splatter shades of blue designed throw pillows, drink coasters and bath accessories. Inspired by colors of water around the Caribbean Islands. Solid colors used to create patterns are in their own categories. Many customers…
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Art products sold in June 2020

Sunday Sales Summary Smiles – art products sold in June

I’m a small business owner – artist who appreciates everyone that has supported me and other artists online by purchasing art products sold in June. Link to products sold in June 2020 and where they live 🙂 Pink, Red and Orange Gradient notepads – sold 5 – Australia Bermuda postcard – Arkansas Labadee, Haiti postcard…
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coral color home decor

Coral color home decor inspired by a broken necklace

Five Coral Color home decor designs ideas came from my grandmother’s broken necklace. The string became dry rotted. I took a photo of them and then had my co-worker friend restring them on wire. Living Coral Beads Graphic Art Designs I used the photograph of the pile of beads to create a few patterns on…
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Gorgeous colors of a Mexican sunset

Mexico Sunset colors for home decor

I took a wonderful photograph of a stunning Mexico Sunset while on a cruise heading to Cabo San Lucas. I use my iPad for all my photography images and cropped the top left sunset. During one of our out at sea days, I entertained myself with an art project, separating each color of the top…
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Butterfly art inspired home decor

Monarch Butterfly Art Decor and gift products

Photo-Graphic Art inspired home decor Monarch Butterfly Art decor inspired by a perfectly timed photograph. An orange and tan Monarch butterfly was sitting on pretty pink and yellow Lantana flowers. Monday to Friday, my two mile early morning walk into town was my “me” time. My bag always held my Nikon camera, a long lens…
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Yellow Abstract Art for Families – Fashion Friday

Yellow Abstract Art Fashion Friday is this week’s feature design. Creating unisex graphic art patterns for men, women and children is an enjoyable outlet. The PAOM online e-commerce site has a variety of white clothing templates. Upload your art, adjust, name the artwork, acknowledge it’s your art and hit submit. Bold colors gives people the…
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whale watching in January

Travel Tuesday – Whale Watching in Mexico

Whale watching is a wonderful Travel Tuesday memory. I purchased a whale watching tour ticket. We took a tender (small boat) from the cruise ship to the colorful port of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The port has lots of shopping, food places, tour boats. I spotted sea lions and pelicans. I’ll write tips about about…
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Beautiful shades of brown patterns and designs

Chocolate Brown home decor prints and solid colors

Chocolate Brown home decor prints was a challenge for me. One of my family members wanted a face mask with colors to match her favorite designer bag. I also have a designer bag with similar colors. Several hours later and success was mine. Once I had the colors, next was coming up with a pattern.…
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custom color umbrella designs

Colorful folding umbrella designs – Fashion Friday

Colorful folding umbrella designs is this week’s Fashion Friday post. Colors to brighten up a rainy or wintery day. Note, matching tote bags and boots for a cohesive for this week’s fashion Friday statement. The software used to create this graphic art is Microsoft Digital Suite 2006. Swirls in black on a white background is…
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Blue and Green home decor inspired by the beach

Bringing the beach into your home or office Abstract inspired Blue and Green beach inspired designed home decor were all inspired by visiting many beautiful beaches. Locales were mainly in the Caribbean, Central America and Mexico via cruise ships. Popular with my Zazzle shop customers are Home Decor of throw pillows, wall clocks and shower…
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Monthly Sales Summary Smiles post for May 2020

Sunday Summary Sales Smiles – May 2020

Thank you! Every month I wish I could personally thank everyone in my Sunday Sales Summary Smiles post. Customers that visit and chooses to make your travel and graphic art purchases from my Zazzle print on demand shops. The month of May 2020 had customers from Belgium, California, Canada, Connecticut, Croatia, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Kentucky,…
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orange bath decor

Shades of Orange Checkers Home Decor

Creating checkers and block patterns with matching solid colors Shades of Orange Checkers home decor features various tones of orange. Orange transitions from a very subtle shade to an energizing color. Designing patterns with multiple colors gives my customers options. Many would be choose the colorful checkers shower curtain, as a focal point. Shower curtains…
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Stock Photo Sunday – when the model is me – Iceland!

When the model is me My son and I celebrated his 21st birthday touring Iceland. The bus tour company arranged an overnight stay on Westman Island, as well, as a six hour bus tour. Alamy’s stock photo of me shown above . It’s a model image of me, sitting in a field of grass taken…
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Customized face shields

Customizable Face Shield Templates – Wearable Wednesday

Face Shield Designs Designing customizable face shield templates personally affect me. I’m over 65 years old with pre-existing medical conditions including environmentally induced asthma attacks. I’m allergic to most perfumes, strong colognes and dust. Because of that, I always keep a plain disposable face mask in my bags. Now my e-commerce shop can design with…
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Puntarenas cruise port

Travel Tuesday – Puntarenas cruise port in Costa Rica

Puntarenas cruise port in Costa Rica is a walkable, very narrow two lane pier. Norwegian Dawn arranged a free shuttle train to transport passengers to and from the security gate leading into town. I loved celebrating my 65th on a 21 day New York-Panama-San Francisco cruise, January 2020. Cruising is my favorite travel choice. Cooking,…
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Pastel shades of pink, yellow and green designed home decor

Pastel Colors Home Decor – Pink, Yellow and Green Art

Pastel colors home decor pattern art activity was a two day adventure. Pastel colors aren’t usually a part my design collections preferring bold vibrant colors. One of my ancestors must’ve whispered in my ear lol. I’m sharing two mandala patterns along with the matching solid colors. I like to easily be able to mix and match…
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Jungle Crocodile river cruise

Travel Tuesday – Jungle Crocodile Safari tour, Costa Rica

Norwegian Dawn’s Jungle Crocodile Safari shore excursion tour in Costa Rica was the perfect outing for this 65 year old cruise traveler. The 4 page tour listings showed how many hours we’d be out for the day. The tour description included the activity levels. Level One being the easiest with a little bit of walking.…
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Cruising into Cartagena, Columbia

Travel Tuesday – Cruising into Cartagena, Columbia

Cartagena Columbia cruise port was easy to visit. I enjoy traveling by Norwegian Cruise Line to different cruise ports and sharing accessibility information. Tips for those who like to do things near the ship rather than take tour excursions. Cartagena Columbia cruise port, located in a shipping yard while not pretty was close to a…
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a plate of fried pollack

Foodie Friday Photo – Fried fish on my birthday cruise

Cruising to different parts of the world, relaxing, onboard live entertainment and eating fabulous cruise food. What a wonderful birthday gift to me. Visiting the different countries and eating food I didn’t have to cook or order from take out where the two main reasons I decided to celebrate my 65th birthday on the Norwegian…
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Beaches near downtown Oranjestad, Aruba

Travel Tuesday – walking to beaches near Oranjestad, Aruba

Walk to beaches from downtown Aruba We docked in Oranjestad, Aruba around 8:00am, February 8, 2020 on a sunny cloud filled day. There are two cruise port terminal buildings and this time we docked at the first building. It contained lots of local vendors, restrooms and tourist information. Outside of the cruise terminal are more…
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Zazzle Proseller Sales

Sunday Sales Summary Smiles for April 2020

Sending a sincere thank you Sunday Sales Summary Smiles for April 2020 blog post acknowledgment to customers living in Australia, Belgium, California, Canada, Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, South Carolina and United Kingdom and Virginia. Below is a list with links to each product. April 2020 continues to be an unbelievably challenging month…
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tasty chocolate lava cake with strawberries

Foodie Friday – cruising and a chocolate lava cake photo

My 65th birthday present to myself was taking back to back, 21 day cruises in January and February of 2020. Having all my meals cooked for 41 days was heaven, especially the many tasty dessert choices. During my cruises, I would often choose to sit in the main dining room for dinner. The servers for…
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Black, White and Red Bath Decor

Graphic Art Bath Decor Collection Sold – Thankful Thursday

This week’s Thankful Thursday Graphic Art Bath Decor post acknowledges a customer from South Carolina. She ordered six items shown above from the Black, White and Red Ellipticals bath collection. Imagine these items in your black, white or red bathroom. I designed this boldly, colorful graphic in 2014. I discovered that my HP desktop had…
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Customized colored flip flops

Fashion Friday – Customized Color Flip Flops

Colorful Flip flops designed to match your outfit Your favorite summer outfit may also be matched to a customized color pair of flip flops. Straps come in four colors: black, white, pink or blue. The soles come in two colors: black or white. Shoe Khoncepts by CelesteSheffey Flip flops to go with your wedding colors…
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Cheesy Nachos

Foodie Friday featuring Macho Nachos with spinach photo

This is a photo of a mouth watering pan of macho nachos of beef, cheese nacho chips and spinach. It’s one of many snacks and meals I’ve cooked and photographed during the stay at home pandemic crisis in 2020. Prior to 2020, (after my September 2016 cancer surgery), I rarely ever cooked. I cruised the…
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stepping off cruise ship in Nicaragua

Travel Tuesday – cruise port in Nicaragua

I hope my cruise tips for visiting various cruise ports are helpful. Some cruise ports are easy by walking directly off the ship. Other cruise ports require loading up and riding in a small boat tender of approximately 45 people to shore. The port of Corinto, Nicaragua had easy, walk off ship access to visit…
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March 2020 Sales Summary

Sunday Sales Summary for March 2020 – Zazzle Shops

Thank you! Writing my monthly Sunday Sales Summary is one of my favorite blog posts. My products are hosted by an e-commerce company named Zazzle. Zazzle maintains the client contact information. I’m not able to send a personal thank you note after each sale. I enjoy summarizing what was popular for the month. In an…
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Travel Tuesday – Norwegian Gem cruise port tour in Guatemala

I decided to celebrate my 65th birthday in a BIG WAY by taking a back to back cruise! The first part of the cruise was 20 days ending in San Francisco, CA. The second part was a 21 day cruise from San Francisco back to New York City. The best things ever about doing a…
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Travel Tuesday – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Cruise Port

This week’s Travel Tuesday features visiting Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on my return trip from San Francisco back to New York, February 2020. This video collage shows, from my 10th floor room cruise ship balcony, how passengers disembark the ship from two doors on level 4 directly to town walking through the cruise ship terminal. It…
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Hot Pink Flowers Stock Photography – Picfair

I recently took a 21 day cruise from San Francisco, Ca to New York City. The last port of call was in Curacao. Visiting Curacao has been a dream of mine since 2012. It was thrill to finally visit and tour this wonderful Caribbean island. I took hundreds of photos including the beaches and these…
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My Sunday Sales Zazzle Shops Summary for February 2020

Thank you! I wish I could personally thank everyone that visited from Virginia to Japan and chose to make the decision to purchase your travel, home decor and graphic art purchases from my Zazzle print on demand shops. (click the text on the images of interest)
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My Sunday Sales Zazzle Shops Summary for January 2020

Thank you! I wish I could personally thank everyone that visited and chose to make your travel, home decor and graphic art purchases from my Zazzle print on demand shops. (click the text on the images of interest) The month of January had customers from the United Kingdom to Massachusetts choosing a variety of items. I’m happy several…
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Pink watercolor maxi dress

Fashion Friday – Pink Watercolor Maxi dress with matching umbrella

Maxi dress with matching umbrella Designing multi color printed maxi dresses makes me so happy! Accessories are easier to color match because there are several to choose from. I have scarves and shoes to go with both shades of pink. Eventually I will order a few more scarves and sandals to complement the orange. The…
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Thanking my Zazzle customers from Massachusetts to Czech Republic

Sunday Sales Summary Smiles – December 2019 Zazzle Shops

Thank you! I wish I could personally thank everyone that visited and chose to make your travel and graphic art purchases from my Zazzle print on demand shops. The month of December had customers from the Czech Republic to Massachusetts. I’m happy several customers choose the option to easily customize my online product designs. Thank…
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Blue Gradient Maxi Dress

Fashion Friday – Blue Watercolor Maxi Dress

Designing custom color Maxi dresses My daughters were very impressed that I designed and wore a dress that didn’t feature my favorite color black. This blue dress will also be popular due to Pantone’s Classic Blue color of the year for 2020. Whoo hoo. Every few months I purchase different color headscarves and then create…
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booties with matching maxi dress

Fashion Friday – Booties and Hoodies and Maxi Dresses

Match your fabulous pointed toe booties with a hoodie or a dress for a fun fashion statement. Wearing a pair of these stylishly patterned pointed toe booties will instantly dress up your outfits. Matching Maxi dresses to pair with the booties Matching Hoodies to pair with the booties Contact me to design using your favorite…
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Sunday Sales Summary Smiles – November 2019 Zazzle Shops

Thank you! I’m happily amazed to connect with hundreds of customers all over the world who enjoy my eclectic art designs and travel themed gift products. Thanking my Zazzle shop customers residing in Massachusetts, all the way to Japan and the Netherlands, for visiting my shops and choosing your purchases in November 2019. A bit of design…
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Gold high top sneakers and matching neck tie

Fashion Friday – Matching sneakers and neck ties for him

Sneakers and matching neck ties Men who love the dressy casual look will enjoy wearing these gold matching sneakers and neck tie combination inspired by the gold of the Barbados for this week’s Fashion Friday items. Barbados Gold fashion items for him Barbados was one of Norwegian Gem’s, 12 day Southern Caribbean cruise stops. When…
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Maxi dress with matching bandana

Wearable Wednesday – maxi dress with matching bandana

Estonia flag color of black, blue and white This lovely swirls pattern dress was inspired by one of my DNA Ancestry test results. The country of Estonia, the flag colors are black, blue and white. It’s super fun to never having to leave my house to go dress shopping. Designing and buying the exact colors and sizes…
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Fashion Friday: Pastel Rainbow Stripes dress and accessories

Pastel Rainbow Stripes dress with accessories Fashion Friday Pastel Rainbow Stripes dress and accessories inspired these eye lovely baby shower pattern colors. The dress is lightweight, floating over your beautiful baby belly. It comes in sizes XXS to 3XL. The sample dress I ordered from my shop needed a slip type liner as dress is…
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personalized custom color hoodies for her

Fashion Friday wearing my custom color sweatshirt hoodies

Creating fashion wear such as custom color sweatshirt hoodies is living the best life. I am my #1 best customer. Ordering my own custom color sweatshirt hoodie product designs is one reason why I enjoy having a shop on Artsadd. The second reason I test order products from my personal online shop checking the quality…
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custom color rug using my 3 favorite colors

Custom Color Area Rugs for home or office

You’ve remodeled your home, you’ve been promoted and have a new office, your baby is now a teen and they’d like a room to reflect their personality.  Tie it all together with a cheerful, custom color area rug. Khoncepts Area Rug Designs on Artsdadd I remember looking online for several days for a black, white…
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Red, Green and White Fashion – Fashion Friday

Red, Green and White Fashion – A bit of Fashion Friday Christmas holiday fun using red and green without screaming it’s Christmas. These colors give a wink and nod of acknowledgement of the holiday season. Designing patterns using red, green and white for Christmas inspired these ellipticals or curved ovals. It was a fun activity…
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Sunday Sales Summary Smiles – October 2019

Patterns and Travel themed purchases Thank You! Thanking my October 2019 customers residing in France, Texas, Missouri, California, New York, Texas, Wisconsin, United Kingdom, Massachusetts, California, Maryland, Indiana and Arizona, for visiting my Zazzle shops and choosing patterns and travel themed gift purchases for themselves and as gifts. A bit of background of each sold…
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Patterned Christmas Stockings

Christmas Stocking Design Khoncepts

Stripes, Watercolors and Graphic Art Christmas Stocking Prints Patterned Christmas Stockings by CelesteSheffey Christmas is always hosted at my house because I’m the matriarch. I’m Mom and also a Great Grand Mom! Typically, everyone receives one gift they’ve asked for and a gift I’ve created like Christmas stocking designs I’ve done for each new family…
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custom color black, green and purple dress

Dresses I’ve designed and purchased using my favorite colors

It’s fabulous to have found an online store that carries the exact type of dress template I’ve been sewing for years. Dresses I’ve designed are easy to order, come in a lot of sizes and are shipped right to my door. Attending one of my granddaughter’s 6th, Unicorn Birthday Party, held at a horse farm…
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Fashion colors inspired by nature

Sunrise Colors of Nature – Fashion Friday

Fashion wear inspired by colors of the sunrise These gorgeous “Sunrise Colors of Nature” features cascading shades of navy blue, lighter blue, light orange, dark orange. Fashion inspired by the colors of nature are my favorite method of designing. The colors of nature in its purest form. These patterned leggings subtly represent nature. Matching accessories…
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customized 3 ring binder of Atlantic City

Travel Tuesday – Atlantic City Photos

Atlantic City – Photo Collage 3 Ring Binder by CelesteSheffey Admittedly, it’s one thing to hear about the Boardwalk, it’s amazing to walk along it. This ‘Travel Tuesday – Atlantic City’ post showcases eight of my favorite images. These photographs were used to create an eye catching notebook. Look closely and you’ll see the binder…
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Black and Brown custom color snow boots

Fashion Friday – Designing my boots

I enjoyed the process of designing my first pair of custom color snow boots. Creating a pair for you using your favorite colors will be amazing! The boots were easy to order online and shipped out fairly quickly. You have shipping options based on how fast you want to receive them including Free Shipping 🙂…
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Throwback Thursday – Colorful Floppy Disk Disposal

Floppy disks and disk drive Back in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, I used a Sony Mavica digital camera. My first digital camera. The camera used colorful floppy disks for data storage. Yes, imagine carrying a bag of disks for photo shoots and scenic outings. Floppy disk disposal project Fast forward to October 2019…
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Khoncepts Happy Client Testimonials

From Sister Sarah Sister Sarah and her husband originally hired me to videotape all of their workshops and special church services. The transition from attending and videotaping events to creating online products was due to severe medical issues. Sister Sarah requested a customized business backdrop that, in this photo, was used as a table covering.…
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Christmas ornaments of Boston

Sunday Sales Summary Smiles for September 2019

Thank you for enjoying my custom color gifts! Thanking my amazing customers who purchased my custom color gifts from Connecticut to the United Kingdom and for visiting my Zazzle shops. Personalized greeting cards and postcards were the first items I began to sell online in January 2010. I smile knowing clients worldwide, continue to enjoy…
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Celeste Sheffey's Pinterest page

My print on demand sales blessings viewed on Pinterest

Print on Demand Sales Companies I use and viewed on Pinterest I began my journey with my first print on demand shop, (POD) December 10, 2005 on CafePress – The learning curve, for me, a bit basic. The templates options were helpful. I just wanted to create and mail out my own Christmas cards…
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remembering a wonderful trip to visit Stonehenge

Travel Tuesday – 1993 Photo of Stonehenge

Day trip from London to visit Stonehenge This Travel Tuesday memory of my first visit to the UK with a day trip to Stonehenge, was a weather perfect, ten day stay in October 1993. My youngest brother lived in the UK for 25 years giving me a great advantage to be able to visit London…
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Custom-color Pink, Black, White and Gray Swirls fashion wear

Fashion Friday – Custom color designed snow boots

Custom-color designed pink and black snow boots are comfortable and fabulously stylish. Pair the boots with the comfy matching leggings or cute hoodie. These Pink, Black, White and Gray Swirls selections are perfect clothing for New England autumn weather. You can find additional fashion accessories featuring this pattern like umbrellas and dresses, in my Artsadd…
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Travel Tuesday – Boston to Bermuda Family Cruise

Due to complicated medical issues spending time with my oldest son and his family without flying or driving was important. Our family cruise vacation on Norwegian Gem was the perfect answer. We drove 15 minutes to the cruise parking lot and paid the parking fee. I took photos of the car – just in case.…
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Stock Photography using myself as a model

Stock Photo Sunday – the model is me in Iceland!

I’ve dabbled with submitting photos to stock agencies like Alamy with modest success. My, ah ha moment was submitting photos of someone I know, with easy access to model releases – images of me! I selected this travel photo of me celebrating my 63rd birthday in Iceland to submit to Alamy. Applying a comic art filter…
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