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Flip Flops
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Graphic art designs created to match your necklaces, shoes or special handbags.

Celeste uses your favorite colors to create looks that are beautiful but still uniquely you.
These works of art are going to boost your confidence and your sense of individuality.

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Dresses – Girls
Dresses – Women
Leggings & Sweats
Men’s Shirts


Art Patterns by Celeste Sheffey

Celeste customizes products for everyone—men, women, and children. Some of these items include:

They can be made into matching sets for gifts. Get in touch with me to learn more.

Made From Quality Materials

Celeste understands it’s very important to periodically order products from her different shops. This is to be sure that the fabrics are of excellent quality. She also enjoys buying 80% of her clothing directly from her Khoncepts on Artsadd shop. Ordering online eliminates the need to travel or wait in long lines.

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Sheffy Design Samples

My Last Name is Sheffey! These templates can be modified using anyone’s name. Celeste used Sheffey as a template because that’s her last name. Other names will be included within each section as they are created per special request.


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In Constant Pursuit of Her Artistic Passion

Celeste loves to create new patterns using favorite colors and to match her accessories such as shoes and bags. This activity allows here to be in a constant creative state so that here skills are further enhanced or challenged. This helps her improve the kind of service she provides for her customers.