Celeste offers many creative travel photography gift products designed using your personal photos. Imagine enjoying wonderful home decor mementos created from your travel photos. Framed wall art, colorful throw pillows, souvenir photo magnets and 3 ring binders are just a few choices. Visit her Zazzle shop or email her below. She’ll be happy to help you creating a special gift using your vacation pictures.

Zazzle – Travel Photography and Travel Art

(Celeste can help by transforming your photos into colorful home decor and gifts)

Visit Celeste’s blog posts and enjoy how she transforms travel photography into wonderful gifts and mementos.

A list of ideas of memorable souvenir travel gifts from your trip photos not easily found in the place you are visiting:

  • Bandanas using travel photos are fun. Wear them or hang them up as wall art.
  • Souvenir Deck of playing cards! Not all countries have shops that sell decks of playing cards. Send Celeste several images from your trip and she’ll be happy to create a deck for you. Easily order online and send them to friends and family.
  • Hanging memorable photo vacation Shower curtains you can enjoy throughout the day.
  • Travel photo Jigsaw puzzles are an amazing gift to give someone as a memory of a great trip. Puzzles from travel photos modified into artwork or use exactly as the photo was taken. Celeste will create the puzzle and will privately email it to you to order.