Hi, I’m always sharing my new purchases on social media. It seems that it would be a great idea to store my recommendations in one handy spot, by category. 🙂


I was very excited to prepare for my first two trips since March 2020. Finding and ordering dressy flats online was a first for me. Luckily the style, size and comfort levels were perfect. Bought 3 pairs of the same style, in different colors.

I have very long locs so headwraps in all colors are a must, they can also double as neck scarves.

Electronics and Equipment

This USB Apple pencil cable charger is exactly what was needed instead of plugging in another adapter.

This 4 port USB charging hub with a 6ft cord replaces 4 adapters. I purchased three of these. Currently using two. The third one is my travel charger, especially for my upcoming cruises and hotel stays.

Replica Surfaces and workstation is excellent for photographers with small work spaces. I can easily replace each backdrop and move it around for natural light. My affiliate link provides $15 off when you order. I’ll receive $15 in Replica Rewards. 🙂

Replica Surfaces on the mobil Replica workstation

As a frequent solo traveler, the small phone tripod I had would often fall over if it was windy outside. I upgraded to this new, wind resistant selfie stick. Our family visit to Illinois this summer was a huge success including many group poses using this sturdy tripod.

Home and office Decor

My new office colors are gold, black and off-white. The Acrylic gold tape dispenser has a good weight and is very classy.

Pretty and heavy duty gold scissors, nice addition to my office decor.


Prepared meal plans were a staple for 2 years, now that I’m back to cooking, this microwave baked potato maker actually works. A bit of added cooking time made them perfection.

Drastically reducing the amount of aluminum foil by using my new favorite nonstick siicone round pans. I use them for meats, veggies and more.

Buying cases of my favorite Extra Sweet Tea will be replaced by going old school and brewing my own tea while working to reduce my sugar intake. Tea is brewed and stored in one glass pot.

This ZeroWater container will eliminate the need to buy cases of bottled water. I’ll still keep just one case of bottled water for emergencies.

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