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Stripes, Watercolors and Graphic Art Christmas Stocking Prints

Christmas is always hosted at my house because I’m the matriarch. I’m Mom and also a Great Grand Mom! Typically, everyone receives one gift they’ve asked for and a gift I’ve created like Christmas stocking designs I’ve done for each new family member.

Christmas stocking designs customized to each of the younger family members. I have a special Christmas stocking containing goodies for visitors who popped by on Christmas day. No one leaves my home empty handed. 🙂

Personalized Christmas Stockings

My Christmas stocking offer customers the ability to add names and/or photos to each product. Stocking templates will show the option to add a name where it says NAME. Choose the color of the text and even change the type of font.

Option B is to remove the text (NAME) leaving just the artwork. The choice is yours! Zazzle easily walks you through the steps. Feel free to contact me directly via the email link on stocking choice and let me know how to personalize it for you. Send to [email protected].

I remember after my September 2016 cancer surgery, I couldn’t celebrate the holiday in a normal way so I ordered all my gifts online and food from the restaurant where my son worked. The restaurant surprised me by providing the entire meal free of charge!

I hope you enjoy the upcoming holiday season as best you can.


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