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Archive for June 2020

Mexico Sunset colors for home decor

Gorgeous colors of a Mexican sunset

I took a wonderful photograph of a stunning Mexico Sunset while on a cruise heading to Cabo San Lucas. I use my iPad for all my photography images and cropped the top left sunset. During one of our out at sea days, I entertained myself with an art project, separating each color of the top…

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Monarch Butterfly Art Decor and gift products

Butterfly art inspired home decor

Photo-Graphic Art inspired home decor Monarch Butterfly Art decor inspired by a perfectly timed photograph. An orange and tan Monarch butterfly was sitting on pretty pink and yellow Lantana flowers. Monday to Friday, my two mile early morning walk into town was my “me” time. My bag always held my Nikon camera, a long lens…

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Yellow Abstract Art for Families – Fashion Friday

Yellow Abstract Art Fashion Friday is this week’s feature design. Creating unisex graphic art patterns for men, women and children is an enjoyable outlet. The PAOM online e-commerce site has a variety of white clothing templates. Upload your art, adjust, name the artwork, acknowledge it’s your art and hit submit. Bold colors gives people the…

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Travel Tuesday – Whale Watching in Mexico

whale watching in January

Whale watching is a wonderful Travel Tuesday memory. I purchased a whale watching tour ticket. We took a tender (small boat) from the cruise ship to the colorful port of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The port has lots of shopping, food places, tour boats. I spotted sea lions and pelicans. I’ll write tips about about…

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Chocolate Brown home decor prints and solid colors

Beautiful shades of brown patterns and designs

Chocolate Brown home decor prints was a challenge for me. One of my family members wanted a face mask with colors to match her favorite designer bag. I also have a designer bag with similar colors. Several hours later and success was mine. Once I had the colors, next was coming up with a pattern.…

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Colorful folding umbrella designs – Fashion Friday

custom color umbrella designs

Colorful folding umbrella designs is this week’s Fashion Friday post. Colors to brighten up a rainy or wintery day. Note, matching tote bags and boots for a cohesive for this week’s fashion Friday statement. The software used to create this graphic art is Microsoft Digital Suite 2006. Swirls in black on a white background is…

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Blue and Green home decor inspired by the beach

Bringing the beach into your home or office Abstract inspired Blue and Green beach inspired designed home decor were all inspired by visiting many beautiful beaches. Locales were mainly in the Caribbean, Central America and Mexico via cruise ships. Popular with my Zazzle shop customers are Home Decor of throw pillows, wall clocks and shower…

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Sunday Summary Sales Smiles – May 2020

Monthly Sales Summary Smiles post for May 2020

Thank you! Every month I wish I could personally thank everyone in my Sunday Sales Summary Smiles post. Customers that visit and chooses to make your travel and graphic art purchases from my Zazzle print on demand shops. The month of May 2020 had customers from Belgium, California, Canada, Connecticut, Croatia, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Kentucky,…

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Shades of Orange Checkers Home Decor

orange bath decor

Creating checkers and block patterns with matching solid colors Shades of Orange Checkers home decor features various tones of orange. Orange transitions from a very subtle shade to an energizing color. Designing patterns with multiple colors gives my customers options. Many would be choose the colorful checkers shower curtain, as a focal point. Shower curtains…

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