My print on demand sales blessings viewed on Pinterest

Print on Demand Sales Companies I use and viewed on Pinterest

I began my journey with my first print on demand shop, (POD) December 10, 2005 on CafePress – The learning curve, for me, a bit basic. The templates options were helpful. I just wanted to create and mail out my own Christmas cards like my beautiful Red Rose in Snow photograph.

January 23, 2005, I opened my first niche shop focusing on Sint Maarten – St. Martin on I like and continue to have moderate success with my Zazzle shops. After I did the work of properly setting up and promoting my shop customers could now find my items

My third shop was geared towards creating umbrellas! For years I’d searched for online companies that would allow me to upload art to create and sell umbrellas. I opened this account on December 10, 2010, to create umbrellas. In full disclosure, this was my most difficult shop to design products in. I’ve added this shop because it may be a good fit for someone else and it’s been years since I’ve attempted to revamp it or add products to it.

I opened my fourth shop, www.Society6/celestesheffey , on October 6, 2013, to design duvet covers and comforters for my home. The design process is straightforward and you’ll get a referral fee by sharing the product using a special affiliate link. My average sales is around 4 sales a year. It’s set-up so I’ll leave it available.

Khoncepts on Artsadd

Artsadd is an online company that manufactures umbrellas! I opened my shop on July 31, 2016 for the express purpose of easily designing umbrellas. My shop is my second favorite store for personal purchases.

I’ve designed and happily purchased more than 25 dresses and several hoodies. Look up in the upper right hand corner. I’m wearing one of my dresses, a very summery blue and yellow print. Isn’t it cute!

One year for Christmas, all the ladies in my family received umbrellas based on their favorite colors. They loved their tote umbrella gifts. I’ve managed to sell a few umbrellas too. Uploading patterns to products on Artsadd is pretty straightforward. Upload, save to my designs, price, description and post online.

Khoncepts on Pinterest

My print on demand sales blessings, viewed on Pinterest, is a fun way to thank clients and share their purchases. The companies I use to sell my products don’t share the clients’ email addresses which is the only major drawback. They provide the packaging and shipping. Good for me and good for my customers.

print on demand sales of Khoncepts viewed on Pinterest
Print on Demand Sales of Khoncepts on Pinterest


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