Travel Tuesday – cruise port in Nicaragua

Cruise port in Nicaragua

I hope my cruise tips for visiting various cruise ports are helpful. Some cruise ports are easy by walking directly off the ship. Other cruise ports require loading up and riding in a small boat tender of approximately 45 people to shore.

The port of Corinto, Nicaragua had easy, walk off ship access to visit the town. The path is straight and walkable, however it is long. Those with walking issues will hopefully have a walker or wheelchair. You’ll notice the arrows point to a clearly marked pathway to the security gate.

Passengers can walk pass the security staffed at the gate directly into town, however passengers need the keycard to their onboard cabin to return to the ship. .It’s always a good idea to also carry an ID, the security staff of the country you are visiting may require it.

Corinto, Nicaragua cruise port layout.
Corinto, Nicaragua cruise port

The above photo depicts the cruise port of Corinto, Nicaragua that also houses hundreds of shipping containers. The positive aspects of this cruise port are:

  • passengers can simply walk off the ship
  • entertainment of dancers and music is provided for an hour or so
  • the blue tents have lots of vendors selling their native art/souvenirs for passengers that chose not to go into town or taking one of the bus tours
  • tour buses are easily accessible to passengers as shown by the arrow

This was my 65th Birthday Cruise Celebration. Cruising is the easiest travel method due to several medical challenges and sharing a few cruising tips of each port helps to keep the memories fresh.

Hopefully, you’ll find them informative.


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