Pastel Colors Home Decor – Pink, Yellow and Green Art

Pastel colors home decor pattern art activity was a two day adventure.

Pastel colors aren’t usually a part my design collections preferring bold vibrant colors. One of my ancestors must’ve whispered in my ear lol. 
I’m sharing two mandala patterns along with the matching solid colors. I like to easily be able to mix and match the exact shade of solids with patterns.

Links to a the products

Pastel Green throw pillow to exactly match two featured pattern designs
Pinkish Yellow throw pillow to exactly match two featured patterns designs
Pastel Yellow throw pillow to exactly match two featured pattern designs
Mix and match pastel patterns with solid colors
Pink, Yellow, and Green Sunburst 8212 pattern design

Ideas of home decor items to match with solid colors

  • First example – creating solid color pillows from a favorite patterned comforter
  • Matching patterned tablecloths with solid color coasters or placemats to complement your dinner table settings
  • Shower curtains can do double duty as window curtains. Great idea for college dorm rooms. They’re easy to wash and dry. Consider matching with area rugs, throw pillows (above) or a comforter.
Pink, Yellow and Green Sunburst 8212 comforter

Duvets and comforters are an amazing focal point for your bedroom. Add matching or solid color curtains. Toss on some throw pillows, add a rug and viola! a room to love and enjoy. 🙂

Email an image or a website link to a favorite home decor item. I should be able to match the color of the item. I’ve listed a few ideas below.


Fashionwear designs using colors to match your accessories or event.

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