Chocolate Brown home decor prints and solid colors

Luscious shades of chocolate brown patterns and prints
Chocolate Brown home decor prints and solid colors

Chocolate Brown home decor prints was a challenge for me. One of my family members wanted a face mask with colors to match her favorite designer bag. I also have a designer bag with similar colors. Several hours later and success was mine. Once I had the colors, next was coming up with a pattern.

Checker Pattern design

Square patterns are clean and adaptable to a variety of products. My occasional brain fog since 2016 cancer surgery also appreciates this type of print. Squares are easy to add text and/or photos. Contact me on the product page if you’re having a bit of difficulty personalizing it.

Incorporating solid colors with patterns

coffee color home decor
Coffee Bean Brown shower curtain
Medium Brown Coffee shower curtain

Fabric shower curtains are a multipurpose household item. They can be used as photography backdrops, quick to hang using the grommet holes. I also use them as window curtains for those two reasons. Decorating dorm rooms and children’s bedrooms with fabric shower curtains is affordable and easy to maintain. Toss the curtains in the wash with their sheets, dry and re-hang. One and done.

One pattern, multiple design options

Stripes can be a versatile pattern.

My Zazzle shop allows customization on many items. However, quite a few customers prefer to buy as it is shown rather than try to adjust the design themselves. The three tote bags above is the same design. I simply rotated the stripes three different directions. My goal is to make your shopping experience as painless as possible. Which do you like the best?! 🙂

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Three Shades of Coffee Brown tie


Fashionwear designs using colors to match your accessories or event.

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