Shades of Orange Checkers Home Decor

Creating checkers and block patterns with matching solid colors

Shades of Orange Checkers home decor features various tones of orange. Orange transitions from a very subtle shade to an energizing color. Designing patterns with multiple colors gives my customers options.

Many would be choose the colorful checkers shower curtain, as a focal point. Shower curtains are 100% polyester. They can also be repurposed as window curtains especially in dorm and children’s rooms.

Creating Shades of Orange Checkers pattern

Designing patterns using squares is a relaxing way for me to spend the day. First is choosing the color that “speaks to me” that day. In this instance a photograph, I took, of a stunning sunset in Mexico inspired these shades of orange.

Orangeaid was the starting block in the design template. Orange affects people in different ways. I felt the different shades from light to a little bright would balance each other out. My goal was to make the design pleasing to men, women and children. 🙂

Next step is to make matching solid color products. Customers will have the option of mixing and matching the exact solid colors with the pattern design. I began doing this step to eliminate having potential clients search hours online for items to match.

Many of my Zazzle designs are created to be transferrable to additional products. Solid colors are easy to transfer to items not already posted in the shop.

Feel free to send me a clear photo ( or link ) of an item you’d like to have color matched for your home decor.

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