Ecuadorian Stain Glass Designs – home decor art

Ecuadorian Stain Glass‘  designs is a vibrant, multi-color home decor art design using an art filter on my iPad. This image has multi-purpose uses:

  • for fashion accessories
  • gift wrapping products
  • gift wrapping items
  • and home decor like bath accessories featured in this image

Opening the package and seeing how true to life the color of the items are is everything! My black and white bathroom complemented both of these bath mats from my Society6 shop.

Ecuadorian stained glass art designed home decor

Ecuardorian Stain Glass designs in my Artsdadd online shop. Awhile back, I did a blog post featuring this pattern as a beautiful area rug.

My online shops with this art design

Zazzle shop
Society6 shop 
Artsadd shop

Ecuadorian Stained Glass 0760 patterned area rug

Ecuadorian Stain Glass area rug on

This eye catching Ecuadorian Stain Glass designs was inspired by an old photograph of a peacock and applying an art app filter named Ecuador to it. It’s very beautiful as an area rug. Nice and plushy too.

  • *Made from 20% Plush, 70% Sponge, 10% Non-woven Fabric.
  • *Stain resistant, easy to vacuum, and perfect for any room and decor.
  • *Super soft and excellent hand feeling.
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