Pastel Spring Baby Decor for the nursery

Pastel baby shower gift design patterns
Baby shower gift idea designs
Unisex Baby blanket designed with pastel baby colors
Pastel Spring Color Checkers baby blanket

Baby blankets

Normally I work in bright colors. Today was a day to design pastel spring baby decor for the nursery day. I had infant twins in mind for this pastel pink, baby blue, pastel yellow and lavender checkered pattern.

The back of the blanket option would be to change it to a solid color. Make it a solid color blue if the baby is a boy or pink for a girl. Yellow if you’re not sure. Add the last name of the child if it’s a baby shower gift.

  • These curtains are washable,
  • They have grommets to easily hang on a curtain rod,
  • Multi-purpose used as window curtains for a dorm or child’s room.

Shower curtains

Fabric shower curtains is my number #1 favorite home decor product to design. Three reasons why I love them:

Pastel Spring Checkers shower curtain
Pastel Spring Color Checkers shower curtain / also great as window curtains

Throw pillows

Pastel Spring Colors checkered pillow
Pastel Spring Color Checkers lumbar pillow

Pillows for indoors and outside are my second favorite product to design. Buying solid colors to match a pattern is an easy way to pull together different color elements of your room.

Striped colors to match the checker design

Striped patterns using the exact colors from the checkered designed.

Argyle and Paint Splatter pattern pastel home decor

My home decor collections usually include a stripe design, an abstract and an argyle pattern. Mix and match, checks with solids with stripes. Send me your favorite four colors and the event to design for.

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