Purple, Pink and Orange Mandala Art home decor

Artsy Purple, Pink and Orange home decor designs,
Pretty Purple, Hot Pink and Vibrant Orange graphic designed home decor

Imagine decorating your home, office or dorm room with these vibrant purple, pink and orange home decor items.

Purple Mandala graphic art decor balanced with vibrant pink and bold orange. The first pattern, created in 2015 pictured below. Additional items with this tie dye pattern are here.

Purple, Pink and Orange Tie Dye soap dispenser set

Updating a pattern design

State government ‘stay home’ orders impact creativity. I’m a 65 year old cancer survivor during the pandemic. It’s difficult being creative through pain. Mentally, coming up with new designs is not always possible. Working and living through COVID-19 and the protests added another layer of struggle. My solution, updating older art.

Purple, Pink and Orange Starburst (6140)

I chose a brightly colored purple, pink and orange tie dye pattern to update. I chose one of my iPad apps to create purple mandala art decor.

Working with vibrant colors help to lessen my sadness by brighten up my outlook. In ‘normal’ times, I incorporate black into my designs. This week, I needed to create with shades of vibrant purples, hot pinks and bold orange.

Square product templates are my go to items to design. Shower curtains, throw pillows, wall clocks and face clothes are favorites to do first. Once they’ve been approved and published to my shop, I’ll gradually add the print to other products.

Hmmm, what colors will be next?

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