Sunday Sales Summary Smiles – art products sold in June

I’m a small business owner – artist who appreciates everyone that has supported me and other artists online by purchasing art products sold in June.

Link to products sold in June 2020 and where they live 🙂

  • Pink, Red and Orange Gradient notepads – sold 5 – Australia
  • Bermuda postcard – Arkansas
  • Labadee, Haiti postcard – United Kingdom
  • Colors of Bermuda throw pillow – New Hampshire
  • Sint Maarten – St. Martin round magnet – Netherlands
  • * a private custom order – 1 set of drink coasters – Massachusetts
  • * Custom color Purple Mystical Mandala bath mat – Massachusetts
  • Sint Maarten – St. Martin Oceanscape postcard – New Jersey
  • If You Can Read this Ur Too Close face shield – Massachusetts
  • Red, Yellow, Black, Blue and Green Blocks invitation – California
  • I’m Smiling with Hearts cotton face mask – Florida
  • Boston Swan Boats Pencil and Ink greeting card – Massachusetts
  • St Maarten – Marigot Bay postcard – Virginia
  • Mardi Gras Stars cotton face mask – Washington
  • Black, White and Red Ellipticals bath towel – North Carolina
  • Black, White and Red Ellipticals face cloth – North Carolina
  • Nature Collage of San Juan, Puerto Rico jigsaw puzzle – New Jersey
  • Greenery Swirls tissue paper – Massachusetts

Khoncepts – Travel, Home Decor and Fashion As Art

The rule of thumb was being told to find a niche for my business so I did lol, three of them:

  • Travel photography
  • Translating my travel photos in art designed for home decor
  • Fashion as art inspired prints and patterns from a photo

I purchased my first computer in 1996 with dial up phone access to the internet. No more in person selling at arts and crafts shows. Our current wireless computers and WiFi makes for a happy 66+ year young entrepreneur.

Thank you for visiting my blog page
for your support, for reading my Sunday Sales Summary Smiles posts and sharing!
Photo-graphic art product designs by Khoncepts


Fashionwear designs using colors to match your accessories or event.

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