Artwork sold in July 2020 – Sales Summary Smiles

Hi, I’m a small business owner/artist who appreciates everyone that has shown support to me and other artists. You’ve visited our online shops and chosen to purchase artwork sold in July 2020.

Customer purchases from my Zazzle shops! 🙂

  • Rainbow Pastel Stripes iPhone Case – New York
  • Sint Maarten – Saint Martin magnet – Germany
  • Black and White Stripes bathroom dispenser set – (2) both in New York
  • Photo Collage of Jamaica jigsaw puzzle – New York
  • Sint Maarten – St. Martin Beach Scene postcard – Florida
  • Sint Maarten – St. Martin Blue Seascape magnet – Minnesota
  • Ur Too Close black and white face masks (2) – California and Belgium ** text can be moved further up so it’s prominent 🙂
  • Atlantic City Beach Boardwalk magnet – Massachusetts
  • Hot Pink and Black Electric bandana – New York
  • Pastel Rainbow Stripes favor boxes (10) – Louisiana
  • Sint Maarten – St. Martin photo collage postcard – Pennsylvania
  • Sint Maarten – St. Martin t-shirt – United Kingdom
  • Pink Bonsai Tree ceramic tile – Massachusetts
  • Images of Switzerland postcard – Alabama
  • Labadee, Haiti postcard – Alabama
  • Sint Maarten-St. Martin photo collage magnet – France
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Happy Face Shield customer with wonderful testimonial

Testimonial from a happy client of her face shield mask designed by Celeste Sheffey of Khoncepts from her Zazzle shop

Face Shield designed by Celeste Sheffey of Khoncepts sold in her Zazzle shop

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My Pinterest board includes my artwork sold in July 2020. It’s fun to see what are top customer favorites from month to month and year to year.

Unfortunately, face masks and face shields are part of the current trend. I’ve always carried face masks in my bag due to environmental triggered asthmas. The one time I didn’t have one handy was visiting the catacombs in Italy. I ended up in the emergency room and coughed horribly for three months. Lesson learned. It’s exciting to be able to personalize them!

My personalize face shield

I too am a very happy customer of my own personalized face shield design.

My personalized face shield.

I keep the shield by my front door for the few times I need to sign for a package delivery. It will also come in handy whenever it’s ok to begin traveling next year bye plane, train and cruise ship bus tours.

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