Barbados inspired home decor – patterns and solid colors

Home decor patterns inspired by a beach in Barbados

Home decor patterns and prints inspired by a Barbados beach photograph. The image captures the gorgeous colors of nature found in Barbados such as the ocean the beach and the sky.

Expanding travel memories using home decor

I was fortunate to be able to enjoy a one day visit to Barbados via a cruise ship bus tour in October 2019. This stunning beach photo was taken during a tour stop in Bathsheba, Barbados. The first design step is separating a few colors from the photograph to complement the picture.

The picture featured eight tropical selections to create home decor items from. I used them to design several items with the word Barbados.

Barbados Beach Wall Hanging

Barbados Deep Blue Ocean

Grabbing the deepest blue of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Barbados

Barbados Sea Green

Stunning sea green colors of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Barbados

Striped Sand and Surf Colors of Barbados

Gorgeous deep jewel tones of the Atlantic Ocean, the beach and the sky off the coast of Barbados. Two shades of blue and two tones of green along with the brown of wet sand featured in this bath decor. I made the pattern vertical and horizontal to make it easier for my customers to choose.

Checkered Colors Barbados inspired home decor

Sharing my beautiful photo above of beach life taken in Barbados helped to also create this checkered pattern. Mix and match the colors and the patterns.

Coral Boulder – Bathsheba, Barbados wall art and cards

Blue Sky Barbados home decor

Sandy Beach Brown Barbados home decor

Barbados Wet Brown Sand decor

New gift products featuring Barbados will be added to this store Collection. Save and enjoy. 🙂

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