Society6 Store Summary Sales Smiles – May to July 2020

Sharing May, June and July Society6 store sales summary purchases from customers who like to shop on I decided to open this shop on October 6, 2013, naming it I was redesigning a guest bedroom and wanted to create a duvet cover with a matching rug and curtains to match the brown wood of the bedroom furniture. All three items came out beautifully.

Adding artwork to products was straightforward. Each item is shown with helpful, optimum pixel sizes. My frequently used product chart listed the sizes. I would create a design and set aside a few hours resizing it prior to uploading to new items saving time and energy.

An added bonus of using Society6 is their affiliate program of sharing items. Good deal for artists sales.

Full disclosure, even though I’ve been a seller since 2013 I may post only 3 or 4 new designs a year on this site. My new production goal for 2021 is to devote a minimum of four hours per month sharing and blogging about my Society6 shop gift items. 🙂

Items sold – Thank You from my Society6 shop

A bit of history for each image

  • The Alamo Wall fine art print – inspired by a photograph. I stayed with a cousin in 2016 for a few days of sightseeing in Texas . My family has distant relations tied to the Alamo via DNA. The colors of the wall were spectacular. I used a few art filters, creating nine different art patterns.
  • Pink, Orange and Yellow Watercolors throw pillow was a hand painting I did around April 2012. It’s a very popular print for three of my other shops.
  • Ecuadorian Stained Glass design was created in January 2016. The face mask is a brand new product in this shop 🙂
  • Walking home from work in April 2010, I spotted this cute gold finch in a neighbor’s front yard full of wild flowers. I updated the photo with an iPad art filter creating this fine art print.

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