Artwork Sold in August 2020 – Sunday Sales Summary Smiles

My wonderful customers and links to their product purchases.

List of artwork sold:
  • Photo Collage of St. Maarten-St. Martin postcard – United Kingdom
  • Colorful Grand Turk Photo Collage postcard – United Kingdom
  • Sint Maarten-St. Martin Beach Scene postcard – United Kingdom
  • Sint Maarten-St. Martin Beach Scene magnet – United Kingdom
  • Ur Too Close face mask purchased from Canada
  • Pastel Lemon Yellow throw pillow – Tennessee
  • Black, White and Red Ellipticals towel set – New Zealand
  • Matching Black, White and Red Ellipticals soap dispenser set – Maryland
  • Black, White and Red Ellipticals towel set – Maryland
  • Saint Maarten Photo Collage postcard – New York
  • Customized logo designed chiffon scarf for a client – Massachusetts
  • Tote bag with customized logo for same client – Massachusetts
  • Chiffon Scarf with different customized logo design for same client – Massachusetts
  • Mardi Gras Swirls tissue paper sheets – Maryland
  • Labadee, Haiti square magnet – Iowa
  • Atlantic City Boardwalk Pop Art ornament – New York
  • I Heart Big Daddy coffee mug – Australia
  • Boston Swan Boats in Pencil and Ink stickers – Texas
  • St. Martin and Marigot Bay Photo postcard – Illinois
  • Black, White and Red Elliptical shower curtain – Illinois
  • Matching Black, White and Red Elliptical soap dispenser set same customer – Illinois
  • Bath towel set to match Black, White and Red Elliptical bath decor – same customer – Illinois
Artwork sold in August 2020 for Celeste using a print on demand comapany.

My website and online shops focus on three areas: Travel, Home Decor and Fashion as Wearable Art.

Artwork sold in August reflects me doing the opposite of what I was always told I should do. Pick a niche and focus on it. Happily, choosing not to follow that advice is reflecting in my list of artwork sold in August shows.

Judging by the variety of travel, home and gift purchases my customers agree with me too.

Re-decorating my home and not finding specific color combinations propelled me into graphic art to create home decor items for my house. Every throw pillow, duvet, bath mat and shower curtain (aka window curtains) are my designs. The extremely popular Black, White and Red Ellipticals print was created for my home. It’s my signature pattern and is hugely popular. 🙂

A long time client of many years contacted me to ask for a customized chiffon scarf design. She wanted a pattern using her circular business logo in different sizes. I re-sized it medium, small and smaller. She loved the pattern. My client next ordered a scarf with encouragement text surrounding her logo. We made one modification making her super happy with the final product. An added bonus is no minimum orders. Win, win.

Sales from Cafe Press shop

Rainbow Sherbet Watercolor Flip Flops

I opened my first Cafe Press shop in 2005. It’s exciting to see many of my designs remain popular and timeless including this pair of Rainbow Sherbet Watercolor flip flops.

Items sold from my Society6 shop collection

My third store, Society6 shop was opened in October 6, 2013. The one good thing I appreciate about post artwork on this platform is being paid 30 days after the sale has cleared. They don’t have a minimum profit amount. After 30 days, it is deposited into my Paypal account

Thank you for reading and sharing my blog post
Thank you for reading and sharing my blog posts


Fashionwear designs using colors to match your accessories or event.

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