Travel Photography sold in February 2021

Thankful for my amazing customers! Many items sold in February 2021 from my Zazzle shops were: Home Decor, Fashion items and Travel Photography gifts. Sharing states or countries where clients live who have purchased my products brings many happy smiles to my face.

In February, clients lived in: Australia, Florida, Georgia, Germany, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New York, Nevada, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom. How cool is that. I’ve visited all of these except Illinois and Louisiana but I’m looking forward to visiting my youngest child, newly living in Illinois, hopefully this October.

Travel photography, Home Decor and Fashion wear are the three main disciplines for my Zazzle shops. Quite a few designs start out as photographs transformed into graphic art.

Travel photography sold in February and states/countries where customers live

Several enjoyable cruises to all of the islands provided pictures featured below. Each cruise inspired hundreds of images per trip. A visit to Switzerland, in 2009, with my daughters involved a ten day escorted bus tour from London to Rome. It was amazing.

Listed in order of date of sale:

Home Decor items purchased February 2021

In 2014, I wanted new home decor items to redecorate my first floor studio office. My choice was to find items featuring the bold colors of red, black and white. Hours of online browsing were futile in finding a fun design with those three colors. I decided to create a design on my HP desktop by drawing lots of shapes and coloring them in. The Black, Red and White Ellipticals was the result. It’s one of my best selling patterns. 🙂

  • Black, White and Red Ellipticals bath towel set (2 – customized ) – Illinois
  • Black, White and Red Ellipticals bath towel set (2 ) – United Kingdom and Illinois
  • Pink, Orange and Yellow Watercolor throw pillow – Florida
  • Mardi Gras Paint throw pillows (3 – customized ) – Florida
  • Greenery Swirls throw pillows (2) – North Carolina

Fashion Wear sold in February 2021

Additional products sold

It’s very exciting that customers are choosing to customize their gift choices. Many products have text clients can personalize or delete from the item.

Travel Photos and Home Decor Sales Smiles for February 2021
Travel Photography, Home Decor and Fashion items sold in February 2021
Thanks so much for reading and sharing my blog post travel purchases sold in February 2021
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Fashionwear designs using colors to match your accessories or event.

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