Greenery Swirls Fashion Friday Designs

Swirls of Green patterned designed fashion wear

This week we’re featuring various shades of greenery swirls fashion Friday outfits. One of my Dad’s beautiful plants inspired Greenery Swirls. I digitally transformed the photo by using a painting app called Procreate. It was oddly relaxing manipulating the photo into this eye catching painted swirls of green. Greenery was also Pantone’s 2017 color of the year. A new complementary project will be separating out the individual greens. My specialty is providing solid shades to mix and match with a print pattern. 🙂

Photo-graphic art inspired by Dad's green plant

Le Galeriste is a new online store I’m testing out. They have fabulous dusters, dresses or my favorite item which is a large headband. I love headbands and head wraps for my loc’d hair style. Unlike my other stores where I’m able to adjust images to the item. This shop has artists upload 3 designs and they size them to the items you’ve chosen. They then send an email that the items are now posted in your storefront.

Greenery Swirls fashion Friday items in this new shop seem to be upscale clothing. As a quality measure, I typically purchase an item from all of my stores. I’m leaning towards buying the duster and the headband from this new Le Galeriste test shop.

Greenery Swirls in Zazzle online shop

Zazzle is my favorite ‘go to’ online shop for the majority of my print on demand designs and sales. However, trying out this new online shop for artists to sell our work will be informational. I’ll be sure to share an update.

In the meantime, please visit my online shops page for additional clothing, home decor and travel items.

Thank you for reading and sharing the newest #fashionfriday blog post!


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