Travel, Fashion and Home Décor Sold in April 2021

List of Travel Photography Images sold and states / countries where customer live

Thanking my wonderful customers who purchased Travel, Fashion and Home Décor sold in April 2021 from my Zazzle shops via my monthly blog posts. Residing from Alabama to France. My online shops focus on three areas: Travel photography, Home Décor and Fashion.

  1. Sint Maarten – St. Martin Ocean Blue Seascape postcard – Maryland. I’ve taken thousands of photos during my three trips to the island. Once for five days and twice by cruise ship.
  2. St. Thomas – Scenic Photo Collage magnet – Florida. My son and his wife loved visiting St. Thomas by cruise ship during their honeymoon. I’ve visited three times by cruise ship and enjoyed each trip.
  3. Watercolor of Oranjestad, Aruba magnet – Arizona. A really lovely photograph of Oranjestad, Aruba from the deck of my cruises hip, transformed in a beautiful watercolor.
  4. Heavenly Hawaii postcard – Iowa

Home Décor Gift Items Purchased in April 2021

Listing a variety of home decor gifts sold and the states where the customers reside

  1. Black, White and Red Graffiti Art pouf – California
  2. Happy 50th Anniversary – Gold font – paperweight – Ohio
  3. Hot Pink and Orange Floral Lamps (2) – Ohio
  4. Yellow and Gray Tapestry bathmat – Maryland
  5. Red, Orange and Yellow Watercolor round wall clock – Florida
  6. Black, White and Red Ellipticals bath towel set (2) – New York and Arizona
  7. Sherbet Neon Watercolors shower curtain – Michigan

Fashion items sold in April 2021

  1. Black, Pink and White Stripes neck tie – Alabama
  2. If You Can Read This Ur Too Close face shield – California
  3. Pink, Green and White Stripes tote bag – Tennessee
  4. Pink, Black, White and Gray Swirls neck tie – Ohio

List of Additional items sold

  1. Black, White and Red Graffiti gift wrapping paper (13 rolls) – Texas
  2. Purple and Blue tissue paper (2) – California
  3. Big Daddy with Red Heart postcards (10) – Missouri
  4. Happy Birthday Skulls postcard – France
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