Travel, Fashion and Home Décor Sold in May 2021

Thanking my wonderful customers who purchased Travel, Fashion and Home Decor sold in May 2021 from my Zazzle shops. This month’s clients live in Arkansas, California, France , Pennyslvania, Texas and the UK. My online shops focus on three areas: Travel photography, Home Decor and Fashion accessories.

List of Travel/Photography Images sold and states / countries where customers live

  1. Heavenly Hawaii photo collage postcard – United Kingdom. Spent a fabulous 5 day visit to Oahu to attend my cousin’s wedding.
  2. San Francisco Photo Collage postcard – France. An exciting 10 days, touring up and down the West Coast.
  3. Sint Maarten – St. Martin Beach Scene postcard – Texas. Several trips and thousands of photos taken of this Dutch/French friendly island

Home Décor Gift items purchased in May 2021

  1. Yellow, White and Gray Stripes hand towels – (2 customized) – California. A customer requested shades of yellow, gray and white and liked this subtle striped pattern.
  2. Shades of Orange Stripes face clothes (2 customized) – Tennessee. Stripe patterns are one of my favorite designs. Theyr’e calming and fun to easily mix and match with the solid colors.
  3. Shades of Orange Stripes bath towel set – California.  Vibrant shades of orange striped bath towel set
  4. Red, Orange and Yellow Watercolor round wall clock – United Kingdom
  5. Brown, Black and Gray Swirls paper coasters (12 customized) – Arkansas. Eye catching swirls of brown, black and gray.

Fashion item sold in May 2021

Monthly Sunday Sales Smiles for Celeste's Zazzle shops for May 2021
Sunday Summary Sales Smiles for Celeste’s Zazzle shops – May 2021

Other great Items purchased

  1. Black, White and Red Graffiti Art guest book – (customized) – Texas.
  2. Party favor boxes, Rainbow Stripes – (20 customized) – Pennsylvania. Bright, colorful rainbow stripes.
  3. Heart shape stickers, Pink, Red and Orange Gradient (customized) – Georgia.
  4. Note cards featuring colorful Birds of Boston Photo Collage (200 customized) – Delaware. Birds spotted in downtown, Boston, MA.

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