Decor purchased in June 2021 including Travel, Fashion and Gifts

Thanking customers who purchased travel, fashion and home decor purchased in June 2021 from my online Zazzle shops. This month’s clients were located in Alabama, California, Florida, France, Massachusetts, Missouri, Netherlands, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Tennessee, and Virginia. Below are four categories of purchases:

Travel photography images purchased in June / states and countries where customers live:

These vacation travel photos were taken between 2007 (Sint Maarten – a solo trip ) to 2019 (Lisbon, Portugal – girls birthday trip for my 40 something daughter along with her sister). What memorable ways have you used your photos?

Decor purchased in June from Celeste Sheffey's Zazzle shop
Travel, Fashion and Home Decor purchased in June 2021 from Celeste Sheffey’s Zazzle shops

Home decor purchased in June and states where customers live:

*The origin of the popular Black, White and Red Ellipticals Graphic – HP Desktop Microsoft Paint

Several hours using Microsoft Paint, doodling lots of ovals and filling them in with the black and red was relaxing and fun and apparently profitable as well. An online shop was opened specficially featuring black, white and red fashion, gifts and home decor where these bath towel sets are top sellers. Thank you!

Fashion wear purchased in June and states where customers live:

  • Black, White and Pink Stripes neck tie – California. Striped ties are a favorite to design. Customers can actually customize the design to make it a diagonal pattern and/or they can contact me from the online shop and message me to switch from horizontal to diagonal for them.
  • Purple and Blue neck tie – Missouri

Gift items purchased in June and states where customers live:

Thank you for reading and sharing this month’s blog post on travel, home decor, fashion and home and gift items purchased in June 2021.!


Fashionwear designs using colors to match your accessories or event.

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