#FoodieFriday Dill Roasted Salmon

I became a Tovala 6 meal plan buyer in 2020 due to medical issues and covid19 take out food challenges during that time. It’s 2023 and I use the Tovala oven every day. I purchased a new house in 2021 and have used that new oven only once 🙂

#FoodieFriday Dill Roasted Salmon

Tovala Meal Plan Referral

Full disclosure, this is a discount referral link, a win win for us both. However, I really enjoy the weekly selections and I can opt out during the weeks I know I’ll be out of town.

Cooking times

Tovala includes everything for the meal: the instructions, food, the cooking pans and the condiments. I admit I’ve learned how to adjust the cooking times for the meats. If the instructions say 16 minutes for the meat, I’ll cook it for 16 minutes and then add the side selection with the seasonings and then cook it for an additional 10 to 16 minutes. This method works perfectly for me.

The Tovala Oven

There are many reasons why the Tovala oven is my favorite and most used kitchen appliance and one of the them is the Reheat feature. This is my go to appliance to reheat food, especially pizza. This is my 2020 oven. They now have new versions with Air fry! I will be buying an updated oven when the time comes.

My 2020 Tovala oven cooking options. They have more updated versions.


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