Birthday Flowers Art

My 69th birthday flowers art project was inspired as a way to keep them ‘alive’ for me. My daughter-in-law contributed a few extra 11×14 canvases she had on hand from her daughter’s paint party. I chose the placement for the largest flower, poked a hole in the canvas and placed the flower through it.

I poked additional holes, added more flowers, petals and leaves and took several photos. The final images look almost 3D.

Birthday Flowers Art project

Current Floral Art Designs

It’s been fun trying out a new type of photographic art vs watercolors or graphics. Featured below are three categories with more in the works. Customers can add text using different fonts and colors for the text.

The 2nd design incorporates a text box. Customers can change the border and inside colors of the text box, as well as, the text font and color. I did a few using a pink, as well as, a green text box.

Pink flowers for my birthday

Future #fridayfloral art projects will incorporate selections of fresher flowers lol. Now that I know what I’m doing I’ll choose a few from an arrangement before they begin to dry out. Overall, I love the result of this type of canvas flower art. Thanks so much for reading and sharing!

Thank you for reading and sharing my blog post!


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